Radon Testing
What to expect
from an  Illinois Licensed Radon Measurement Professional:

A licensed, certified radon tester knows the proper conditions, test devices,
and guidelines to get a reliable radon test.

A professional radon tester can also:
  • Evaluate the home and recommend a testing approach designed to
    make sure you get reliable results;
  • Explain how proper conditions can be maintained during the radon
  • Emphasize to occupants of a home that a reliable test result depends
    on their cooperation because any interference or disturbance with the
    test of the closed-house conditions, especially, during short-term
    testing, will invalidate the test results;
  • Analyze and report measurement results to the client;
  • Provide independent test reports by someone who is not involved in
    the home sale.

Home Inspectors!

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You cannot ignore the facts!

Radon gas destroys lives!
As the second leading cause of lung cancer, radon kills thousands every
year. A substance to which no one is immune! Radon exists worldwide.
Without the proper precautions, this radioactive gas can destroy your family.

There is an easy and affordable way to test for
Radon gas cannot be seen, smelled or tasted, but it exists in the air you
breathe and gets into the water you drink. You are likely to gain the most
exposure to Radon in your own home, where you spend most of your time.
Without proper precautions, Radon can build up to toxic levels and put your
family members in danger of developing lung cancer!

Attention Smokers:
Radon gas has been found to be only second to smoking as the major cause
of lung cancer. If you smoke and are exposed to high levels of Radon gas,
your risk of developing lung cancer is higher than you think!
Protecting your family is easy as…
1. Learning The Facts    
2. Testing Your Home
3. If A Problem Is Found, Fix It
Radon Tests by
Illinois Licensed Radon Professionals.
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Radon is not a "Deal Killer"


How many home tested
over 4 piC/l average
in your town?

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to find out!
For Example:

Du Page County:

60515 Downers Grove      47%

61026 Elmhurst                  35%

60137 Glen Ellyn                45%

60521 Hinsdale                  40%

60148 Lombard                  39%

60540 Naperville                51%

60185 West Chicago        45%

60187 Wheaton                  45%

Will County:

60503 Aurora                 39%

60440 Bolingbrook        41%

60435 Joliet                    50%

60565 Naperville            46%

60451 New Lenox          46%

60544 Plainfield              46%

60446 Romeoville        63%

Source: IEMA / State / IL