BEFORE the test:

  •     All exterior doors and windows must be closed 12 hours before starting the test. (Normal
Entry and Exit is not restricted)

  •     Heating or Air Conditioning systems must be set and operated at normal comfort levels prior to
and during the whole test period.  (Test   period is minimum 48 Hrs)

                (If "Closed Building Conditions" are not followed for a minimum of 12 hours prior to the test, the
                   State of Illinois requires the testing period to be extended accordingly.)

    DURING the test:

  •        Placement Of Monitors:

    1.     In each lowest structural area suitable for occupancy.  For example, a split-level  building with a
           basement, a slab-on-grade room and a room over crawlspace shall have measurements made in the
           basement, in a slab-on-grade room and in a room over the crawlspace.

    2.     Measurements shall be made in rooms that are regularly used, such as family rooms, living rooms
           dens, playrooms and bedrooms.

    3.     Charcoal canisters of any type shall not be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, spa room
           or other areas of high humidity.

  • The CRM's have to remain in place undisturbed for a minimum of 48 hrs.  (A longer test is a better test and
    will not affect the results)

  • Monitors shall be placed according the IEMA's guidelines and protocol.

  • The operation of dryers, range hoods, bathroom fans and other mechanical systems that draw air out of the
    building may adversely affect the measurement results and should be kept to a minimum during the test

  • Air conditioning systems that recycle interior air may be operated during closed-building conditions.

  • Ceiling fans and window fans cannot be used in areas with monitors in place.

  • Fireplaces and wood burning stoves cannot be used during the test period unless they are the sole supply
    of heat for the home. (Flues should be closed)

  • Air cleaners, window AC units, portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers cannot be used within 20 feet of the
    monitors. Window AC units are to be set to "air recycling" mode. (Closed Vents).

    FOLLOWING the test:

  • The Measurement Professional will need access to the home to conclude the test and retrieve the monitors.

  • Usually on the same day or the following morning, we will forward the results to our client.  On request by
    the client, we will also forward the results to the selling agent and/or the attorney. A copy of the report will
    be mailed
    or e-mailed to the client.
  • If test results indicate radon levels of 4.0 pCi/L or more, the home will need mitigation to reduce levels to
    an acceptable range. A list and names of Professional Mitigation companies are available from our office or
    from IEMA. (1-800-325-1245) (Website: www.state.il.us/iema/html/radon.asp)

  • Always perform a Post-Mitigation test. Post-Mitigation tests are important evaluators of actual system
    function. Professional post-mitigation measurements must be performed to the applicable IEMA
    measurement protocol. The Adopted Rule, 32 Illinois Administrative code, part 422, prohibits mitigation
    professionals from performing radon measurements at a residence where they have installed a mitigation

  • Please visit these websites if you would like additional information about Radon:
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